CCV + MTV on Windows 8 Release Preview

UPDATE: MultiTouchVista is not required anymore! Take a look at TouchInjector instead!


I’m excited to announce, that I was able to set up CCV, PS3Eye and MultiTouchVista on my freshly installed Windows 8 Release Preview system.

I recommend you to backup your previous installation, especially the CCV configuration!

These are the steps you got to take:

  1. Install Windows 8 Release Preview x64 on your machine (I used the German version, so language doesn’t matter)
  2. I use a Microsoft Account to logon (the first name of the MS Account profile will be used to name the local account – matters to Windows Home Server, so I was precautious on that)
  3. Reboot
  4. Install CL Eye driver (installation took about 3 seconds; no additional software was installed)
  5. Start CL-Eye Test –> The IR feed was up and running
  6. Either run the CCV 1.5 installer OR download and install Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable
  7. (uninstall CCV 1.5 as is does not work)
  8. get CCV 1.4.0 from http://nuicode.com/projects/tbeta/files
  9. extract CCV-1.4.0 to C:Program Files (x86)NUI Group
  10. Run CCV 1.4 –> It will start; there’s no need to care about msvcp71.dll, as it ships with the zip from nuicode.
  11. Allow network access in the Windows Firewall popup
  12. Run CCV to test if it works. (At this point I copied the xml files from my old installation to avoid hours of calibrating..)
  13. Then I tried to set up BSQSimulator using MS Surface 2 Runtime Release 1.1 AnyCPU.rar and Driver_Final.rar, but this was a dead end and no additional software was installed, so you think you can safely skip this
  14. Get MultiTouchVista from http://multitouchvista.codeplex.com and unzip it to C:Program Files (x86)NUI GroupMTV
  15. start an elevated command prompt and navigate to C:Program Files (x86)NUI GroupMTVdriverx64
  16. Run “Install driver.cmd”
  17. Confirm the installation of the driver in the popup
  18. Open the device manager
  19. Disable the ‘Universal software HID device’
  20. Enable ‘Universal software HID device’
  21. Run Multitouch.Service.Console.exe
  22. Run Multitouch.Driver.Console.exe
  23. Run Multitouch.Configuration.WPF.exe and select the TUIO device
  24. Run CCV, enable TUIO and repeat steps 21-23 until it works (it never does in the first attempt..)
  25. Now your setup is technically working, but I recommend you to set up MTV as a service:
  26. start an elevated command prompt and navigate to C:windowsmicrosoft.netframeworkv2.0.50727 (maybe you need to add .NET framework 3.5 via the Windows 8 ‘Add features’ dialog – I did this when I ran a WPF TUIO client to see if TUIO was allright)
  27. installutil.exe “C:Program Files (x86)NUI GroupMTVMultitouch.Driver.Service.exe” (tip: Shift+Right click on a file and ‘Copy as path’ can save you a lot of typing)
  28. Start Multitouch Driver from the services manager
  29. If necessary run the WPF customization tool

Here are some tips and solutions to common problems:

  • the HID driver gets confused by additional screens, causing misaligned touchpoints
  • always use elevated command prompts!!!
  • this startup folder is located at “C:Users[USERNAME]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup –> place a CCV shortcut here
  • make sure that the Multitouch Driver service is set to autorun on startup
  • How to configure automatic login on Windows 8

In the end this was pretty much like how I set up Windows 7 systems (plus 5 hours of messing with BSQ Simulator).

Pics and vids will follow…


  1. outcrash

    Hey Thank You for this great tutorial,

    i’ll try it out!

  2. Shrey

    my camera is not ps3 eye but it works on windows 8 but I gave the camera to my friend for five days can I install bsq stimulator and MTV without it?

    1. thecake

      Yes, as long as CCV can use the camera, MTV, BSQSimulator, TouchProxy, or TouchInjector (in order of complexity..) can be used to make touch input.

  3. Shrey

    Even after installing drivers.final.rar BSQ stimulator is nor running,can just MTV or Touchinjector used with ccv without BSQ?

    1. thecake

      You need CCV for tracking to TUIO messages and another software for TUIO>Windows Touch conversion. for the second part you can use TouchInjector without any other requirements.

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