This is a summary and manual for all controls inside the TCD.Controls package. I’ll try to keep it updated.

Windows 8

SilentTextBox – If AcceptsReturn=False and the user hits Enter normal TextBoxes make a ‘bling’ sound. SilentTextBox does not.

HeaderedTextBox – A TextBox with a grey header above

HeaderedTextBlock – A TextBlock with a grey header above; Automatically hides itself if the Text property is empty (unless AutoHide is set to False).

LabeledProgressBar – a ProgressBar coupled with a TextBlock/Label; use it at the top of your page to indicate background progress (like the SystemTray.ProgressBar on Windows Phone)

LayoutAwarePage – same as in all the samples

Flyoutmost recent post and how to use on Flyout

SettingsContractWrapperthe easy way to integrate with the settings contract


Windows Phone

CustomMessageBoxAsync CustomMessageBox on Windows Phone

ReverseAutocompletePopupMaking a reverse Autocomplete-TextBox on Windows Phone

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