printprev() – print Python sourcecode to console

You already know the problem: Some sections in your Python script run fast, but others (like importing dependencies) take a few seconds. If you’re only half as impacient as me, you don’t want to sit in front of a black console, wondering if your script got stuck.

Usually you would put a print(“…”) before each section:

#=================== import dependencies
print("importing dependencies")
import numpy
import matplotlib

But obviously this brings redundancy and is a lot of extra typing.

Instead of all these prints, we define a function printprev():

def printprev(n=1):
    import linecache, inspect
    for l in range(-n, 0):

Calling this function prints your code structure, and even the code itself to the output:

#=================== import dependencies
import numpy
import matplotlib
#=================== define variables
m = 100
n = 100000
numbers = numpy.zeros(m)
#=================== running calculations
for i in range(n):
#=================== reporting the results
Comments and code beautifully printed to the console
Comments and code beautifully printed to the console

That’s it. Let me know if you have some interesting ideas what to do with this!

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