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Hey, When my professor put a machine-readable quiz on his website, I made an app for my Phone to do the quiz.. Today I ported it to the desktop and I’d like to share it: Download Q&A It requires .NET Framework 4.0. To feed it with questions, you need a text file (preferable in UTF-8 encoding) that follows these simple rules: question-answer blocks are separated by one empty line question-lines begin with ‘Q: ’ answer-lines begin with ‘A: ‘ category-lines begin with ‘C: ‘ multiple Q/A/C-lines per block are allowed There’s a sample file in the *.zip. You can load a file from your computer, or from a remote location (eg. a textfile in a public dropbox folder). have fun!


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Geschafft Naja, irgendwie auch nicht. Da sitzt man nun in der Klemme. Schreibt den ersten Post obwohl man gerade garnicht kreativ ist. Und das alles bloß, weil man einen leeren Blog so schlecht konfigurieren kann :/ Aber das sollte reichen. Jetzt geht’s erstmal ans ausprobieren =) Marzipaneis.