Status Report: It’s done :)

After the last package arrived all work was done within less than 24 hours. Take some 24 hours more and even the software is working. (Trust me, making a .exe to a Windows service and run it with admin privileges automatically is not that simple…)

The Multitouchvista HID-driver is running in background after automatic logon, started by the task-scheduler (taskschd.exe). The Reactivision software is started from the Autostart-folder, so –sadly- it’s always visible, but the user may toggle the frame equalizer.

I got some other software installed as well, e.g.:

Firefox 4 Beta, Internet Explorer 9 Beta, Winamp, Windows Live Essentials 2011, VLC, Windows Home Server Connector

…and a x64 driver for a low-cost webcam (presently without infrared blocker) ..and some more, of course. Also I changed the Windows Logon-Screen-background with a tool called BackgroundChanger to some self-made image.

Below is the table as seen by the webcam:


While the surface is pretty messy in visible+IR it’s quite fine for the human eye:


The image on the screen is a Winamp virtualization…

I’m gonna make some more technical photos soon (inside, front, Reactivision screenshot…)

So far so good. There’re still some improvements to make, e.g. the touch sensitivity & speed, since there are some people w/ very dry fingertips, or the liability to changings in the ambient light (sunlight, ceiling lamp, indirect lighting as in the picture above).

Good morning..

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