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I haven’t bee posting now for quite a while, but that does not mean there’s no progress.. The Touch-table had a successful appearance at the open day in my school and is now back in his place in the living room. The school has started a project to build a multitouch (LLP) wall. Sadly not as big as I would’ve done it, but still bigger than our TV-screen =P
Yesterday we started to build the prototype.
Besides that I have now a MS Kinect. I have not installed any Kinect-related software, so it only works with a modified CCV from the NUI-forum for now. As you may know Microsoft has announced to release a Kinect-SDK — I’m looking forward to work with that πŸ˜‰
What else? Well there’s a couple of outstanding tasks such as re-coding sone of my self-made WPF-applications for the table (or the wall), a new ethernet cable has to be istalled so the table can play the movies from our server without problems :p
And before I forget: the Laser-rifle
It is a MP5 softair with one of Peau’s 720nm IR-lasers in the barrel. A capacitor is used to let the laser ‘flash’ when the user pulls the trigger. Not only for the safety but also to ensure that only clicks can be made.
For this purpose I made a WPF-application that displays blue circles with random diameter on random positions on the screen. The user has to shoot them with the laser-gun and is scored depending on the size of the target, his shot-delay and his precision.
You may imagine how much fun it is to play this on a 4m screen =D
Okay that’s it for now. The show must go on (the prototype has to be finished =)

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