Frustrated Total Internal Reflection II (EN)

Twitter is over capacity, so .. lets go.

After a giant discussion on the colors (4days) of the table we’ve decided to make it look like alder (Erle). But before covering the table with the foil we had to spray it black on the inside.

(both together took about two days of diaphoretic work…)


Last week I explained the new FTIR modification in the simple version—so here’s the extreme (complicated) one:


Basically this is a lot like the simple one, but it’s a lot prettier.

But there’s a high price we had to pay for the better look:

Drilling holes in a specific angle into a ~1/2” or ~1.5cm piece of acrylic is very tough. Anyway—we did it and glued 96 LEDs in there. (a few days later—today—when everything was wired we noticed that 8 LEDs remained dark b/c they were inverted. It took about 2hours to fix this >.<)


As you can’t see in the draft up there ^^ there’s wood between the projection layer and the insertion-acrylic. Before we glued the LED arrays in the image above onto the anti-scratch-acrylic we had to saw giant holes into the wood.


But because these holes were a little bit to thin for the arrays it took another hour to file them big enough. After pasting the arrays in the hole we decided to wait one night for the result.


The next day began with wiring the LEDs and filing the wood for the projection layer to fit in. This part took another hour, but then the tables top section was ready.


All in all there were much more problems on the way, but in the end this is what it looks like:


The LEDs are visible from the top (of course only by a non-human eye..)



So far so good, but the real question is:

‘What is the question to which the answer is 42?’

‘How does it look like in IR?’

Okay, here we go:


Aren’t these blobs the most beautiful blobs in the world? Smiley

I’m very happy to say: ‘Injection-FTIR’ is going to work!

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