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TCD is my root namespace, where group all my libraries that get used across multiple apps and sometimes even get published.

On this page I’ll try to maintain an index of all TCD libraries that I have published for free use. I will link to blogposts, NuGet pages, (MSDN) code samples, or Codeplex sites accordingly.

W8 = Windows Runtime APIs (Metro UI..)
WP = Windows Phone
Net45 = Windows desktop applications
Portable = at least WP, WinRT and Net45

Namespaces are bold, (targeted platforms) in brackets and links ar– well you know. Packages I consider helpful/insightful are marked with !!! – you should definitely have a look at them.

You can always mail me your questions/suggestions.

TCD.Controls Overview, NuGet

> Flyout (W8) Introduction, Updated Introduction, SettingsContractWrapper

> ReverseAutocompleteTextBox (WP)                                                              !!!

> CustomMessageBox  (WP & Net45)                                                               !!!

> Enum/ComboBox localization (W8) Introduction, MSDN Sample                  !!!

 > Keyboard Dismissing ComboBox (W8) Introduction

TCD.Device Overview

TCD.Device.Camera NuGet

> CodeScannerPopup (WP) Sample                                                         !!!

> .Barcodes.Encoder (W8, WP) Sample

TCD.Kinect (Net45) Overview, NuGet

> SkeletonPainter3D MSDN-Sample                                                                !

TCD.Mathematics (Portable) Introduction, NuGet                                                  !!!

TCD.Serialization (Portable) Introduction, NuGet

TCD.System (Net45)

TCD.System.TouchInjection IntroductionNuGet

TCD.System.ApplicationExtensions NuGet

TCD.System.TUIO NuGet

TCD.Text (Portable) NuGet                                                                                  !!

TCD.Web (Portable) NuGet

TCD.Web.NotiConn (WP) Introduction, NuGet, Sample


  1. jimshi

    hi, I like this project very much! But I do not support using VS2010, it would be nice if you could build the DLL .net4.0.

    1. thecake

      on which project are your referring exactly?
      I usually make the packages in the earliest .net version that supports the APIs. Therefore the chances of porting them to earlier versions are slim.

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