Hello world,

Today I proudly present: TouchInjector

TouchInjector is a Windows 8 Desktop application that translates TUIO into Windows Touch messages. It’s lightweight, easy to use and does not get in the way. No installation is required and with one click you can customize it to autorun with the system (on logon).


As I frequently change my display settings, TouchInjector observes them and reacts accordingly.

You can download it here.

There are no further software requirements than a Windows 8 system. Just unzip, unblock and run it. (Allow access through the firewall and make sure that no other TUIO clients block the port.)

Have fun!


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  1. arjun

    I am just can get the “TouchInjector” work with the ccv 1.4 on windows 8, The ccv is working great and the “TouchInjector” also starts but I thing its either not receiving the tuio or there is something that I am missing.

    Things that I did.
    1. Installed Windows 8 32bit on parallels desktop (virtual)
    2. installed ccv 1.5 which also installs other c+ programs.
    3. uninstalled ccv 1.5
    4. Extracted all files of ccv 1.4 to nui folder in programs file.
    5. Extracted all files of TouchInjector to a folder in desktop

    [EDIT: My reply can be found in the NUI forum.]

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