Sync specific Folders with SkyDrive

Some of you may know, that I’m a huge fan of Dropbox, Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive alltogether. Each of them has some exclusive features that I find most useful. This is the public sharing using a single URL of Dropbox, the cross-platform Features of SkyDrive (WP7…) and the feature to ‘select and sync’ any folder on your hard drive with Windows Live Mesh (in contrast to the quite unflexible syncing of just one folder).

Well today on reddit, I came across a link to a blogpost…

This guy, Jan Hannemann, had a genious idea: In the NTFS file system you can hard-link folders in a way that and application (such as Windows Explorer, or Windows Live Mesh) thinks that the folder is really there. These links are called folder-junctions and can be created using the command line.

Fortunately he created an extension to the Explorers context menu that lets you do this in just two clicks:

The context menu can ‘sync’ as well as ‘stop sync’.

Now take a look at the original post.

(I’m so excited right now =D)

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