KinDrive (for Kinect for Windows SDK 1.0)

Recently I migrated from Beta2 to Kinect for Windows SDK 1.0, so here’s a quick review of the new features:

  • works w/ Kinect for Windows hardware AND the ‘old’ Kinect for XBox360
  • requires Kinect for Windows SDK 1.0 (or at least its runtime)
  • tracks two players (you can play split-screen-games…)
  • sends not only WASD keys, but also UHJK
  • racing-mode only, no detection of additional gestures! (like the ones in the older versions)
  • you can use the DLLs to write your own interface (and detect more gestures) –> mail me, or comment if you have questions

Oh and one random thought: I think the delay you feel when playing a game with it, is due to the slowness of your hands rather than b/c of software-delay – it’s just a theory I can’t prove, but compare it with playing w/ a hardware steering wheel…

Here’s the download link

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