The KinDriver Sources

Hey there,

As a result of some requests I got, I decided to share the KinDriver sources with you =)

There are 3 important things to notice:

1. You can define how keypresses are generated: there are three different methods that may or may not work with different computer games.

2. There’s built-in speech recognition, but it’s currently deactivated, b/c I don’t really know how to define grammar…

3. There’s something called “KinDriverControllerService” – it’s a WCF service exposed at http://localhost:8001/connect (you probably have to allow it in your firewall). This service can be used to send commands (activate/deactivate/custom macros..) to KinDriver. I’ve made a client for WP7, but as it’s more like a proof-of-concept, I encourage you to write a new one (there are WCF libraries for Android and even iOS I think^)

you can get the sources here:

If you have any further questions comment on this post, or drop me an email (

Merry Christmas^ Zwinkerndes Smiley

EDIT: due to the absense of my Kinect I was not able to compile and debug the code properly – the changes in the current SDK release need some of the lines in code to be updated. – I will simplify the code as soon as I can (which may be sooner the more you push me to…)

Happy new year!

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