KinDrive enhanced – working w/ every game using DirectX input

Last week – on thursday to be precise – I stumbled over a library to send input to the system on DirectX-level, called InputManager (a big different to all the tons of SendKeys()-wrappers out there!!). So great thanks to Shay from Israel for making this awesome library!!

As all the rest of the architechture was up and running already, I just made a simple WPF application to show the Skeleton and listen for a gesture as well. The gesture (streching your arms in the air) causes the WASD-input to halt, a press of the F-Key (which I usually use to enter vehicles/use weapons in games..) and finally after 3.5 seconds everything continues as before.

Here’s a video of the KinDrive for GTA WPF application:

Then of course: GTA IV:

And just for fun – Need For Speed Carbon:

For those interested in DirectX-level Keyboard/Mouse input: I’ll blog about the InputManager anytime soon.

My plan is to open source this version of KinDrive too, but at the moment the code and architechture is too embarrassing to be published (you can use the DLLs of course..).

Oh and here’s this version of KinDrive available for download ,(KeystrokeVisualizer to visualize keystrokes)

And don’t forget to map ‘F’ to ‘enter vehicle’ 😉


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